New KFC Fire Log actually smells like fried chicken!

Have you ever lit a warm, crackling fire in your home’s fireplace and thought to yourself:  Man, I really wish this smelled more like fried chicken!’ ? Yeah, me neither, but I’m not calling the shots. The Colonel is, and the KFC Fire Log is very real.


Introducing the KFC Fire Log

Kentucky Fried Chicken, America’s most popular fried chicken conglomerate and the leading source of Reba Mcentire themed chicken humor, has decided that you need to fill your home with their chicken smells this holiday season, but without the hassle of having to lick your fingers! KFC is now selling a fire log that smells like the Colonel’s 11-herbs-and-spices fried chicken. That’s right! For the low low price of just $18.99 you and your family can gather around the fireplace and question oh so many of your decisions while simultaneously Googling a professional steam cleaner that specializes in getting ‘chicken stank’ out of ‘literally everything’.

KFC Fire Log

Kentucky Fried Chicken partnered with Eviro-Log to create this one-of-a-kind firelog made of ‘100 percent recycled materials’. Right about now you’re probably trying to figure out what exactly could be recycled to create a stinky chicken log? The mind reels.


KFC Fire Log

I have more great news! The KFC Fire Log typically arrives at your unsuspecting home only five days after you order it. That means you’ve still got plenty of time to ruin Christmas! Each log is long burning and can subject your home to its smells for up to two-and-a-half to three hours! The KFC Fire Log also has no shelf life so it can be stored indefinitely! What a miracle! Kentucky Fried Chicken also warns that these firelogs ‘may attract bears or neighbors who are hungry’ so plan your smell-crime accordingly.

Order yours today at!

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