New Orleans City Park Is a Whole Different World

This park is worlds away from the French Quarter.

New Orleans City Park might not be the first thing that comes to mind for most visitors when thinking of the city.  The narrow architecture of the French Quarter, the Mississippi River, or even the outlying swamp and marsh might spring to mind first.  But this park is just as big a part of the local tapestry as any of those other things … if not more.

Open since 1854, this is both one of the nation’s oldest urban parks and one of its largest, occupying over 1,300 acres. And as you might expect, they put all that space to good use, offering a botanical garden, a sculpture garden, multiple golf courses, tennis courts, biking, jogging and walking paths, and even an amusement park(!).

We took a tour to discover all of it.

Created in partnership with New Orleans City Park.