Nickelodeon Slime Bars are here to make 90’s nostalgia delicious!

Have you ever thought back on all the slime used in Super Sloppy Double Dare and thought “Man, I wish they could turn that into ice cream”?


Well good news! Walmart has announced that they will start selling Nickelodeon Slime Bars in a freezer aisle near you!

Nickelodeon Slime Bars

Nickelodeon Slime Bar

The ice cream bars are made with orange and lemon lime ice cream swirls arranged in a random melted pattern. That combination sounds way more delicious than the green slime Mark Summers was dumping on countless Double Dare contestants in the 80’s and 90’s.


The Nickelodeon Slime bars will retail for $2.97 for a pack of twelve according to an article written by PEOPLE.

But wait, there’s more!

Nickelodeon Slime Bar

They’re not stopping at just ice cream bars! Walmart will also be selling Nickelodeon Slime vanilla ice cream cups in twelve pack packages. The cups are made of low-fat vanilla ice cream and are swirled with green slime icing. A twelve pack of the ice cream cups will cost $4.97.

Get your slime fix at a local Walmart

While the original Slime used in Nickelodeon shows like You Can’t Do That On Television and Double Dare was technically edible, we feel like these ice cream bars will be much more delicious.


The only downside that we can see is that these Nickelodeon themed desserts will only be sold in stores, so don’t get your hopes up about ordering any online anytime soon. If you’d like to learn more you can check them out at this link!

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