Oak Mountain State Park could soon expand

oak mountain park

There’s now a huge opportunity for Oak Mountain State Park to expand beyond its nearly 10,000 acres.

Expanding Oak Mountain State Park

EBSCO has nominated Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust to receive 1,600 acres belonging to EBSCO. OM State Park officials told us they’re in the early stages of this slow-moving process, but the possible acreage addition would bring in endless opportunities to the already popular hiking, horseback riding, and biking spot.

Since the beginning of this pandemic Oak Mountain has seen about a 50% increase in visitors.

“When this started, I felt a little bit of apprehension, the way everybody did, I’m sure. Afraid that our business was going to slow down. That we might have to lay people off or decrease our staff,” said Kelly Ezell, District Superintendent for Central Alabama State Parks. “It’s been just the opposite. It’s really been a haven for people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.”

Ezell said this process could take between one or two years, but there’s really no timeline right now.

You can learn more about Oak Mountain State Park by clicking here.

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