People are putting their Christmas lights up to spread cheer during Coronavirus scare

(Source: Douglas Keister)
(Source: Douglas Keister)

Christmas? In March?

People are looking on the bright side of all that is happening amid Coronavirus concerns and taking this time to put their Christmas lights back up.

Christmas Lights in March?

In an article from Yahoo, they say people see the Christmas lights as a sigatson n of hope in a particularly dark time.

Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster, Lane Grindle took to twitter to say, “What if we all put our Christmas lights back up? Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them. Seems like a fair social distancing activity.”

Another twitter user said his mom thinks people should start putting up Christmas lights in their windows to remind each other that there is still life & light while we’re all at home.

One tweet read, “My youngest son was bored today and said, ‘can we put Christmas lights on our tree outside to cheer us up?’ Great idea buddy. Lights are on tonight as a sign of hope and the sweet mind of my 10-year-old.”

If you simply search “Christmas lights” on twitter, dozens of results of the same nature pop up.

I think these folks are on to something.