Pepper Place to Become the Next Entertainment District

Pepper Place is growing, and we are so excited about the news!

Pepper Place has been designated an Entertainment District, which, according to Alabama Law, allows businesses with alcohol licenses to sell alcohol to be consumed off-premises within the boundaries of the district and within its hours of operation.

Encouraging New Development

With more than 350,000 square feet of former manufacturing facilities re-imagined into a creative marketplace of inspired businesses, shops and restaurants, Pepper Place has grown into one of Birmingham’s most well-loved districts. Fueled by Sloss Real Estate’s vision of connecting downtown-adjacent neighborhoods through a sense of purpose and community, Pepper Place’s designation as an entertainment district will support existing businesses and encourage new development.

“We believe that by Pepper Place becoming an entertainment district, tenants will see increased foot traffic and sales, and the area will become an even more popular destination for both locals and visitors alike,” said Tom Walker, Chief Operating Officer of Sloss Real Estate. “This district has a true sense of place for the creative community. We want to continue investing in Pepper Place to create an engaging, inspiring destination for our community within our tremendous city.”

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New Opportunities for Pepper Place

Pepper Place is the link between the redevelopment of downtown Birmingham to the west and revitalization of the old “streetcar suburbs” of Avondale, Crestwood and Woodlawn. Sloss Real Estate continues to identify opportunities to increase connectivity in the district. Opportunities include expanding sidewalks and adding bike lanes as part of a complete street improvement project. Also, investing in alley improvements and adding on-street parking along 3rd Avenue South to provide an easily accessible, walk-able and bike-able district.

Historically, entertainment districts have contributed to the economic development goals of their respective cities by providing economic growth and promoting urban development. Entertainment districts create a sense of community via socialization. In some cases it creates a central gathering spot for the city. In this case, it creates a community within the city.

When Will This Happen?

The district designation will go into effect this February. We will provide details and an exact date for the launch as soon as that information becomes available.

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