‘Pop Floats’ from Steel City Pops will help you beat the summer heat

pop floats

Steel City Pops is launching a brand new product – Pop Floats! This new dessert is Steel City Pop’s version of a traditional “Root Beer Float” that transforms a nostalgic dessert into a modern treat.

Pop Floats are transforming dessert

Lots of people love a traditional ice cream and soda float but the food geniuses over at Steel City Pops decided to kick the regular float up a notch or two with some twists of their own!

pop floats

Steel City Pops didn’t break from tradition when it comes to the fact that Pop Floats are not only all-natural but also delicious and most of all this new dessert can be enjoyed by all ages!

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our premium high-quality pops to our loyal customers in a twist that brings back some wonderful memories of the old fashioned ice cream floats.  Our company niche is to create a modern approach to nostalgic foods and Pop Floats hits that core focus straight on”, stated Pete Srodoski, President and CEO of Steel City Pops.

Pop Floats flavors

The flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Caramel Cream Soda, Classic Float (Coke or Root Beer) and Orange Dream.

steel city pops

Keeping the Steel City Pops focus of delivering gourmet frozen pops, these floats are all-natural, gluten-free, and include no artificial flavors.

They start with one of their delicious pops, fill the cup with all-natural soda, and top the float with home-made vanilla whipped cream and various delicious toppings. There is no wrong way to enjoy this treat- whether you sip your float as the Pop melts or take a bite of the Pop and toppings and save the Soda for last.

pop floats

All Steel City Pops locations in Alabama, Kentucky and Texas began carrying the Pop Floats on July 11th. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet frozen pop to escape the heat or needing an old fashioned but modern pick-me-up, these floats with a pop are the perfect treat!

About Steel City Pops

Steel City Pops is a privately-held company based in Birmingham, Ala., with stores across Alabama, Kentucky and Texas, and events and wholesale opportunities available throughout the region.  All products are all-natural, locally-sourced whenever possible, and gluten-free, created in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

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