Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is dropping soon

Turn up the heat on the fast food chicken wars. Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen is taking aim at Chick-fil-a with the upcoming (Monday!) launch of a new Popeyes’ chicken sandwich.

Popeyes' chicken sandwich
Photo Source: Popeyes’ YouTube

Looks like it’s a fried chicken filet with pickles. Rumor has it that you can choose between mayo and spicy Cajun sauce. This hot, crispy sammich could be one of the biggest launches in the restaurant’s existence.

The backstory to the chicken sandwich launch comes from a restaurant in Southern California. Apparently an eatery in Long Beach had been buying Popeyes’ chicken and then serving it to their customers. Check this video out from Popeye’s YouTube channel.

Sweet Dixie Kitchen will serve the sandwiches first before Popeye’s outlets nationwide on August 8th and 9th. The Popeyes’ chicken sandwich launches on Monday, August 12 at all locations. You can order the combo and pick out which of the sides they offer. Do you think the sandwich will go good with their red beans and rice? How about green beans? Or will you stick with the classic Cajun Fries? We wonder if it will be on the only all-you-can-eat Popeye’s buffet in the country down in Lafayette, La.

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