Revenge of the Mind Bear – SIDEWALK Scramble short film

Danger lurks in dark hallways and around every corner. Be careful or the Mind Bear just might get his revenge! This short film was written, shot and edited in 48 hours as part of the Spring 2018 SIDEWALK Scramble.

This short film, Revenge of the Mind Bear, was a submission to the Spring 2018 SIDEWALK Scramble by a team consisting of members from Magic City Weekend and WBRC FOX6. The SIDEWALK Scramble is a 48 hour short film contest where several teams of local filmmakers compete to create the best short film (under 5 minutes) in just 48 hours. Teams are randomly assigned a theme, a prop and a phrase that must appear in their short film. All footage that appears in the film must be shot over the 48 hours scramble period, that means no stock video.

Mind Bear

The Spring 2018 SIDEWALK Scramble’s theme was “Timewarp”. This meant that each team would be randomly assigned a different time period in which their short film would have to take place. Teams were also assigned a “genre” that they had to match to their time period.

Revenge of the Mind Bear

Our team was given the following:

  • Time Period: 1970’s
  • Genre: B-Movie
  • Prop: Bow Tie
  • Phrase: ‘It’s about time’

Mind Bear

Honestly, our team lucked out on our Time Period and Genre assignments. The 1970’s were filled with B-Movies! Our team knew going into the Scramble that time is of the essence during these 48 hour film competitions. After we had been assigned our time period and other short film criteria Friday evening, we spent the rest of Friday night coming up with our basic concept and outlining a loose script.

Mind Bear

To keep things simple we decided to shoot everything at one location, we decided to keep our cast of characters small and we decided to focus more on action and atmosphere than dialog. We shot the entire film on Saturday and began editing that night. After a little bit of sleep we got right back into the editing bay on Sunday and were able to submit our film with less than an hour until the deadline. They don’t call it a Scramble for nothing!

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