(small batch) brings fine dining to the comfort of your home!

Sam Adams and Brian Dyer give us a preview of what a (small batch) tasting menu is all about!

(small batch) strives to create a new and innovative experience, showcasing local and seasonal ingredients through 6-course tasting menus, which are offered privately in your home, as well as some public offerings in unique spaces.

The (small batch) experience


Brian Dyer and Sam Adams provide this exceptional dining experience through their shared vision of what a tasting menu should be. Inspired, local, seasonal, and focused.

(small batch)

The (small batch) tasting menu comes complete with wine and cocktail pairings all within the comfort of your home.

(small batch)

They also offer public offerings a few times a month in unique venues. The menu changes every month and can be adjusted to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

(small batch)

(small batch) brings the elegant, gourmet experience of fine-dining directly to you.

A shared passion for food

Brian Dyer and Sam Adams met at a restaurant and quickly learned that their passion for food and wine, as well as their constant drive to improve, was the same. Like many service industry workers affected by Covid, Brian and Sam found themselves with extra time on their hands at the beginning of the summer and the two began preparing private dinners for family and friends. The dinners were such a big hit that the two decided to offer this service to more people, and the idea for (small batch) was born!


(small batch)

From the table setting to the wine pairing and the exceptionally crafted menu, the (small batch) experience is sure to be an unforgettable dining event.

(small batch) December menu

(small batch)

Fine dining in the comfort of your home!


(small batch)

If you’d like to have an absolutely delicious, seasonal, local tasting menu served to you in the comfort of your own home, then book a (small batch) tasting today by contacting them on Instagram or Facebook.

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