Spiro Salt Room & Massage Therapy: How salt can help you breathe easy!

Got the sniffles? Your doctor might recommend a saline spray. So, imagine what type of healing you could get from an entire room lined with salt. That’s the basic premise for the Salt Therapy you get at SPIRO Salt Room & Massage Therapy.

Spiro Salt Room

You’ve probably seen dozens of those Himalayan salt lamps. Not only are they a pretty, glowing pink addition to the room, there’s a belief that the negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood. The healing impacts are said to help breathing, skin and relaxation.

Spiro Salt Room
SPIRO Salt Room

Why would you sit in a salt room?

Besides being a relaxing room, with beach and spa sounds lightly playing, it’s a germ-free room. Yup! Salt is antibacterial, and that stuff is everywhere. You walk into the room that’s filled with finely ground salt on the floor. The walls are coated with the light pink rocks of salt.

Spiro Salt RoomYou sit in the beach-style chair while a salt aerosol is pumped into the room. The natural decongestant promises to decrease inflammation, cleanse the respiratory system of bacteria, viruses, pollen and pollutants, and speed up the elimination of toxins. After 20 minutes, I could feel the effects with a slight burn in my nose. Staff say, some people will get some drainage if they’re dealing with congestion.

Spiro Salt Room

For people with chronic sinus issues, asthma, allergies and snoring issues, it could be just the spa treatment you need to bring some relief. The salt loosens the mucus, and inflammation is reduced, which makes more room in the airways for you to breathe. Sit back and read a magazine, or close your eyes and relax.  It’s not just a breath of salty air, there’s skin benefits too.

Spiro Salt Room

Salt particles also penetrate deeply into the skin and absorbs excess oils, which allows accelerated cellular growth of skin cells and improves skin rigidity.  That means acne, eczema and psoriasis sufferers will want to check this out.

How does the salt get into the air?

The salty air you breathe is made from a device called a Halogenerator. (side note: Halo is Greek for salt.) So, this machine grinds salt into microscopic particles and releases them into the air of the room.

Spiro Salt Room

For children or people with severe breathing issues, like COPD, there’s a more confined room. Well, it’s basically a clear box where the particles are ground into finer particles. There are clear, plexi-glass walls to avoid claustrophobia.

Spiro Salt Room

Spiro Salt Room Pricing

Relaxing and breathing in the salt rooms will cost about $25 per person for a 45-minute session. Spiro Salt Room & Massage Therapy also offers massage facials and acne facials.  Soak in that antibacterial goodness to clear up your trouble spots. There’s also massages, salty and sodium-free. There’s the Feet Retreat, Himalayan Salt Pillow Massage, and Salt Stone Massage as well.

Spiro Salt Room

Spiro Salt Room

Click here to learn more about Spiro Salt Room & Massage Therapy.

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