Steel City Pops Introduces Paleo Pops With 3 New Flavors

For several days, Steel City Pops has had us on the edge of our seats, teasing social media users with hints that something new and healthy was headed toward stores.

First there was…

Then, they said…

Any last minute guesses?

So, what’s the big secret?

Steel City Pops Alabama is breaking new ground in the pop world with their newest creation, the Paleo Pop! The new healthy Paleo pop comes at just the right time to help their customers keep their health and fitness resolutions.

“Because we’ve always used all-natural ingredients in our pops, creating a line of paleo pops seemed like a natural progression for us. We’re excited to introduced 3 new Paleo Pops that are all-natural and sweetened with honey.  They are the perfect treat for those who follow the paleo lifestyle.” Jim Watkins, Owner

Three New Paleo Flavors Released

Three new flavors are rolling out on Wednesday with their January menu!

Paleo Chocolate

Creamy and delicious, this new Paleo Pop gets its creaminess from coconut milk and avocados. It’s super smooth and fudgy! You’d never know it was dairy-free. It’s the perfect Paleo pop!

283 calories.

Steel City Paelo Pops

Paleo Mixed Berry

This new pop is made with just a few ingredients, primarily strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The berries bring a lot of natural sweetness to the pop, but there is a touch of honey to balance the tartness of the berries.

137 calories.

Steel City Paelo Pops

Paleo Bosc Pear with Honey

A regular pop on the Christmas menu, Bosc Pear with Honey has always been a Paleo pop behind the scenes. The pears add a bit of natural, creamy texture which makes this pop a smooth and soft fruity pop.

97 calories.

Steel City Paelo Pops

All three flavors are made with all-natural ingredients, no processed sugars or artificial flavors or coloring. Honey is used to add a touch of sweetness, enhancing the natural flavors and sweetness of the pops.

Free Paleo Pop Samples

Customers who are interested in the new Paleo Pops can sample the flavors before they purchase the pops. Free samples are offered at all Steel City Pops locations.

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