The Cheeses Your Grilled Cheese Needs

Time for a next level grilled cheese experience.

We are tired of basic grilled cheese sandwiches. Sure, American cheese on white bread is timeless. But it is time to take things to the next level.

Cory Schwartz, Owner of Cory’s Grilled Cheese, has been making grilled cheese sandwiches for as long as he can remember. His love for the melty goodness led to him opening his very own grilled cheese-slingin’ food truck, followed by a storefront in James Island, South Carolina. Cory has experimented with it all, which is why we asked him to share some of his favorites.

Here are four cheese suggestions that Cory says you’ve got to try:

  1. Muenster – Cory calls this semi-soft cheese his absolute favorite for grilled cheese. “Its got a nice creamy, warm flavor to it. And it gets stringy like a mozzarella – makes it fun to eat.” If you’re feeling adventurous, Cory suggests tossing on a slice of American cheese as well to up the gooey factor.
  2. Brie AND Goat Cheese – This one is a two-parter. According to Cory, mixing brie and goat cheese is a match made in heaven. “Goat cheese has a cool, creamy texture, and brie has a smooth, creamy texture. Together they add up to make a pretty unique experience.” Goat cheese comes in all kinds of flavors so find the type that sounds tasty to you. As for the brie, Cory adds a couple slices with the rind still on for the extra flavor.
  3. Pimento Cheese – You can’t talk about great cheese options in the South without including this Southern favorite! This mix of sharp cheddar cheese, mayo, and pimentos (among other regional ingredients) is perfect for making a flavorful grilled cheese. “It’s creamy, it’s melty, it has a lot of complex flavors to it, and it pairs well with just about anything,” Cory explains. Pair this up with some slices of bacon for the ultimate grilled cheese experience.

Of course, the options don’t stop there. Use these cheeses to inspire your own tasty creations! Just remember – soft and semi-soft cheeses work best for achieving that melty, gooey texture every  great grilled cheese should have.

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