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The Grinch
Was The Grinch justified? (Magic City Weekend)

Do you hear the faint sound of jingle bells floating through the air? That’s right, Christmas is a week away. Everyone is decking their halls and whatnot. Before we get carried away, I would like to remind you all of a truly tragic story of someone who gets the raw end of the deal every Christmas.

I’m sure you all remember the enduring tale How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yeah, the one about the green meanie in the mountain.  But what if I told that The Grinch has been the victim of a decades-long character assassination plot? Hear me out.  His actions weren’t exactly on the up and up, but there was an altruistic method to his madness.


Alright friends, let’s crack into it:

The Whos were discriminatory

The original cartoon begins with the narrator stating that The Grinch’s heart is two sizes too small. Umm…excuse me? Wouldn’t that count as a disability? Last time I checked, it wasn’t cool to make fun of someone, Grinch or otherwise, who has an actual medical condition.


You know what would have really been nice? If the Whos reserved their judgment and referred him to the cardiologist that it sounds like he so desperately needed.

They were also terrible neighbors

Speaking of the Whos’ refusal to exercise basic decency, I’d wager that none of us would want to live near them. First of all, way to judge by calling him a grinch. You’d be a little grouchy too if you didn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with. Let’s exercise some empathy here. The holidays aren’t shiny and happy for everyone. Why fault him for embracing his reality for what it is?  Invite him down, or better yet, send him up a plate from the Christmas feast. He managed to make it up Mt. Crumpit just fine. The path works both ways.


Their carelessness is especially on display in the 2000 live-action version starring Jim Carrey. He exiles himself in the mountains because of relentless teasing from the Whos. And when he finally gets enough gumption to come back down, thanks for Cindy Who’s invitation, they open old wounds all over again by mocking him. Sounds like they’re the ones with brains full of spiders and garlic in their souls. Let’s be real, Cindy Who was the only decent one in the bunch.

The Grinch just wanted some quiet

Yeah, he hated Christmas. I get that. He had his reasons. Legitimate noise complaints were chief among them. There is no reason that someone who lives on top of a mountain should be able to hear your shenanigans. At the end of the day, he was a man (err…creature) who just wanted peace and quiet. Who among us doesn’t want that? He put up with their nonsense for 53 years. He’s much more patient than I would have been in the same situation.

The Whos were only concerned with getting their bratty kids noisy toys and dangerous sports equipment. I mean, seriously, how is roller skate croquet an acceptable game for children?

Perhaps he was wrong for stealing their presents, but he maybe he was also the only one in the metro area with common sense.

At least he was hilarious

I don’t know about you, but I found The Grinch delightfully irritable. Jim Carrey’s take on the character was especially funny. That’s probably a surprise to absolutely no one. He made being a green hermit look like a lot of fun. Who needs company when you’re a hoot-and-a-half? He was the right amount of sarcastic and self-deprecating.


Maybe Max didn’t appreciate his humor, but I sure did. He’s also internet gold. He’s still giving us endless gif and memes. That’s honestly a gift within itself.

He knew the true meaning of Christmas

Lastly and most importantly, he was the true protagonist of this tale. That community was grossly materialistic. All they cared about was that tree in the middle of the town square and a bunch of trinkets that no one was going to care about after three months. Jim Carrey’s version tells them as much. We’re not going to talk about how they litter HIS PROPERTY with their trash after they got bored with their gifts. It’s just as bad in the original version. He taught them the real meaning of Christmas when he got rid of all the distractions. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear poorly constructed Santa Claus costumes made from curtains.

Again, I’m not saying his methods are perfect. Stealing is totally a crime. But what’s a little petty theft if it means something for the greater good? Like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight said, “Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

Luckily, The Grinch is a beloved fictional character. He won’t be dying on us anytime soon. It’s time we face the facts and give The Grinch his onions. He can certainly still smell them.

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