Birmingham Nightlife: The Lumbar Now Open in Pepper Place

The Lumbar

The Lumbar Opens in Pepper Place

A new Birmingham hot spot located in Pepper Place, The Lumbar, officially opened in November!

Tapping into Birmingham’s built-in science and medical communities, The Lumbar serves local beer, cocktails and Southwestern-inspired food in an innovative work and play space.

Expanding Pepper Place

“There are roughly 52,000 individuals committed to medicine and science that exist within two miles of Pepper Place, making it an ideal location for The Lumbar,” noted Tim Hightower, Operations Director of The Lumbar. “It will ultimately serve as a vibrant space to think, plan, design and imagine, while enjoying food and drinks that will fuel the fire for your deepest passion or next big idea.”

“The Lumbar will add a new dimension to the entertainment offerings in the district,” said Sloss Real Estate Director of Design and Marketing Callan Childs. “The novel concept aligns with Pepper Place’s reputation as a community hub for designers, makers and creatives, and we’re looking forward to seeing The Lumbar bring this dynamic to life on another level.”

The Concept

The Lumbar is the brainchild of Rylie Hightower, RHK Holdings Chief Executive Officer and biomedical neuroscience PhD student at UAB. Born as a collaborative environment for the community whether brainstorming or catching up over a cocktail, The Lumbar features innovative work and play spaces.

“As an aspiring research scientist, my career depends on collaboration. Brainstorming with co-workers over a cocktail after a late night in the lab can inspire scientific ideas and meeting colleagues for a beer can lead to lasting professional relationships,” said Rylie Hightower, owner of The Lumbar and biomedical neuroscience PhD student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “The Lumbar was inspired to create this type of connection.”

The Lumbar

Trendy Design

The functional design will feature an elevated meeting room partitioned by glass that doubles as a whiteboard – known as The Incubator. It will allow student or professional groups to burn the midnight oil. Twenty-six “spinal taps” of beer and wine in the form of vertebrae will serve as the bar’s focal point. Other surprising elements include a16-foot microscope, which blend the crisp nature of research facilities with an energizing environment designed to stimulate creativity and conversation.

The Lumbar


The Lumbar

The Lumbar


The menu, inspired by the Hightowers’ New Mexican roots, will feature Hatch green chile in lunch-sized dishes including the Green Chile Cheeseburger and The Lumbar Chile Cheese Dog.

The Lumbar

The Lumbar


Pepper Place
212 29th St S., Birmingham, AL 35233


Sunday: Closed
Monday: 11 a.m. — 11 p.m.
Tuesday: 11a.m. — 11 p.m.
Wednesday: 11a.m. — 11 p.m.
Thursday: 11 a.m. — 11 p.m.
Friday: 11 a.m. — 11 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. — 11 p.m.

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