Tips for sticking with your new year’s resolutions

So you just made some New Year's Resolutions? We talked to some Birmingham area experts to get some helpful tips on how to stay on top of your new habits!

Sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions might be one of the hardest things to do. Any change you make to your diet, your spending habits or your lifestyle is tough to stick with because it’s easy to fall back into old habits. We talked with several experts to get some pro-tips on ways that you can make your resolutions be more than just a fad this year!

Getting in shape

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If you’re looking to be more active this year, the most important thing you can do to stay on top of your new goal is find someone to keep you accountable.

It could be a friend, a spouse, or even other members of a group class. Having someone else to cheer you on when you go, and call you out when you miss a few classes is a huge help.

It also helps to find an activity that’s fun. You’re much more likely to stick with something if you enjoy doing it.


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Losing Weight

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Always be sure to eat a good breakfast. It balances your blood sugar from last night’s meal plus it kick starts your metabolism for the day ahead.

Make sure you shop for fresh produce. Don’t be afraid of items that have a quick expiration date, this minimizes the toxins mostly found in preservatives.

Also, never eat carbs after dinner. Let your body focus on resting and sleeping instead of breaking down the carbs from a late night snack.


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Saving Money

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The best way to save money is by taking small steps. Instead of trying to hit your monthly goal, divide that number up into how much you need to save each day.

This will make it easier to track and feel like less daunting of a task.


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Giving Back

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Volunteering in your community is something that you can do 356 days a year. There are always people in need, even if it’s something as simple as helping one of your elderly neighbors change a light bulb.


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