Tupelo Road Trip – A family getaway that’s not far from Birmingham!

Sometimes a family just needs an adventure together and a Tupelo excursion fits the bill. From an exotic animal park to a children’s health museum, we have everything you need to spend some quality time together.


Tupelo Visitor Center

Tupelo opened its newest attraction in early 2018. The Tupelo Visitors Center is the perfect starting point for any trip to the city where anything is possible. From interactive exhibits that highlight the city’s top attractions and a collective timeline of Tupelo’s rich history, to displays focused on Elvis’ childhood in Tupelo as told like never before, the Tupelo Visitors Center will fully prepare visitors for exploring this unique, southern town.


Buffalo Park

The location of the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo began as a cattle ranch run by Dan Franklin. In 1997, Dan added buffalo and slowly started removing the cattle. At one time, Dan had 300 buffalo, which was the largest herd of buffalo East of the Mississippi River. In 2001, the construction of the zoo began and the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo officially opened in November. The park is now located on 210 acres and boasts over 260 animals. The park is home to a 19 foot tall Giraffe, Tall Boy, who is one of the tallest giraffes in the United States. It is also home to the world famous Oliver, a Capuchin monkey, whose 2 escapes in 2007 made newspapers all over the world.



Healthworks! of North Mississippi has been infectiously contaminating kids of all ages since 2009. Located in Tupelo, Mississippi, HealthWorks! is the second educational facility of its kind and the first national full-scale replication of HealthWorks! in South Bend, Indiana. HealthWorks!’s mission is educating children on how to lead inspired and healthy lives. We educate through field trips, community outreach programs, birthday parties, special events, and general admission visits. According to the Mississippi State University’s Social Science Research Center, Healthworks! is meeting the needs of children and communities by increasing awareness and health knowledge, which changes lives!

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Tupelo Road Trip

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