West End mural in Birmingham aims to inspire community

“Find your magic”, a new mural in the West End community of Birmingham, is the latest artistic creation to adorn a building in the area.

west end mural

The mural, on the outside of a building housing “The Liquidators” owned by Jason Jones, was designed by Mural Artist Marcus Fetch (pictured below).

Jason Jones and Marcus Fetch. (Source: Fred Hunter/WBRC)

Jason does a lot for the local community and small businesses. He buys old discarded restaurant equipment and refurbishes it so it can be sold to start up businesses at a fraction of the normal cost. While helping aspiring business owners, Jason also wanted to inspire others by refurbishing and bringing something beautiful into the area.

Jason said, “It’s just time. It weighs heavily on neighborhoods when people aren’t loving it and owning it. This neighborhood seems to be sparking some interest in people making it a home, a loved home and that’s where my heart is. I wanted something that wasn’t just going to make it a little better by just being painted. I wanted something where people could ride by and their jaw drop and go, Wow!”

(Source: Fred Hunter/WBRC)

About the artist

Marcus Fetch first came to Birmingham to open Redemptive Cycles, a nonprofit shop that refurbishes old bikes for those in need of transportation. Over 40 spray painted murals by Marcus can be seen in the greater Birmingham area, including Tuscaloosa and Montevallo.  This is his latest and it’s quite beautiful. Click here to see the murals – you might recognize several prominent murals around town.

Marcus said, “I wanted something that felt inspirational and magical, and I thought immediately of trying to capture that moment when somebody is in a flow state or creative state, and this really long wall reminded me of a long instrument. So, when the train goes by newcomers are coming into Birmingham on The Amtrak, they can see that, and the whole neighborhood can just see this magical image. Hopefully it inspires them.”

Where to find it

The mural is at The Liquidators located next to the railroad tracks in West End, behind Elmwood on 15th St SW.

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